2021 Upcoming Workshops

A Hybrid Approach to Painting Outside With Artist Ron Krouk:

There’s nothing quite like painting from nature outside! The challenge of distilling intense and changing sensations into something only you can express is completely absorbing but how can we avoid being overwhelmed?
This workshop involves a hybrid approach to the difficulties of weather, lighting conditions and constant change. We’ll use many smart phone photos to help with selection, composition and simplification but will rely on “being there” for inspiration and most of the work. Through structured exercises, we’ll practice seeing in larger shapes based on values rather than delineating the “things” we know. You can expect focus on simplification, encouragement of process and growth, review of the most important elements of drawing (how tall, how wide, at what angle) and painting (value and color relationships) and exploration of options for equipment.
Some work will be done in the studio when we have weather concerns. Painters at all levels of experience are welcome. You’ll need a portable easel, oil or acrylic paints and some scheduling flexibility.
Because we will be inside together for some of this workshop, we trust that those participating have been vaccinated or will be prepared to wear a mask for the session. Thank you for helping to keep our community healthy.

Class meets at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck August 3, 4 and 5 and run from 10AM to 3PM each day, with time for lunch break. Material list sent upon registration.

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