Upcoming Workshops 2020

Calligraphy with Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

How’s your handwriting? Gotten a little illegible since the Great Keyboard Takeover?

To the rescue: The ancient art of calligraphy. It’s at once harder and simpler than it looks.

Our guide for the one-day workshop on February 25 was Newburyport-based artist and author Susan Gaylord.

Susan is a kind and patient teacher. She gave each of us a blunt-tip Kuretake calligraphy pen, told us how to hold it and let us loose — on a series of straight lines. Then slanted straight lines. Then, when we felt especially emboldened, we made crossed lines!

It was getting a bit wild, but tackling our first letter “n” brought a hush of concentration to the room. Remember trying to learn to write? It was a lot like Miss Moron (yes, her real name, poor woman) standing over me in second grade all over again.

Too bad we only had one day, but we packed a lot in. We got all the way to “d” (with stops for “a”s and “o”s along the way). It sounds hectic, but was anything but. It’s a very meditative practice, and takes simple repetition to get it in the right direction.

Susan was kind enough to bring a sample of her calligraphy books for us to look at. There’s a lot to learn here. We’ll be back for more.

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