Upcoming Workshops 2020

Tim Harney Workshop

Drawing the Figure

January 9 and 10, 2020

The inaugural of the new Rocky Neck Art Colony Art Workshops.

Conducted by Tim Harney, Associate Professor at Montserrat College of Art, this two-day workshop focused on the figure. In Tim’s own words, “I can only conceive of the drawing workshop as a place where the emphasis is placed on ‘drawing to see…drawing to understand.’”

Tim wanted this to be an opportunity for us to hear how he approaches drawing from observation and the figure. He succeeded!

Tim Harney, conductor, and us.

Maybe the most interesting time occurred the following Monday during our usual Monday afternoon Life Drawing at Rocky Neck— we got to compare notes and practice with one of Tim’s (and our) favorite models, Daniel.

Let’s just say, we’re still practicing!

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