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What’s That On? — Art Challenge #5

Uh-oh—I left my house without my sketchbook! Arg! Luckily, I found a paper bag (or a stone or an apple…). For this challenge, draw on a non-traditional object or surface. 

Rules are simple:

  • Color or B&W
  • 2D or 3D
  • Any surface, as long as it’s unexpected
  • Drawing from direct observation preferable

One-week deadline: You have until May 3, so get drawing! Send your images to

Bunny in a Clam Shell, by Joyce Roessler
Nature as Artist on Cement, by Len Burgess
Petals on Floor, by Karen Ristuben
Sunflower on Glass, by Anne Marie Crotty
Breakfast, by Claire Wyzenbeek
Look Who’s Talking, by Janice Brand
Drawing by Anonymous. Photo by Matt Cegelis
Cocktail Time: Sex on the Beech (Leaf), by Helen Tory
Liner Love, by Linda Bourke
Butter Fly, by Helen Tory
Easter Napkin Setting, by Jane Hively
My New Love: Concrete, by Ken King
Loo Roll, by Helen Tory
Charcoal and Chalk on Exposed Aggregate Concrete, by Ken King
Emerging, by Ray Magnan
Dogs on Bark, by Linda Bourke
Walking on Eggshells, by Janice Brand
Bagged One, by Linda Bourke

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