Online Challenges

Complements—Art Challenge #8

The underlying energy of an image is often determined by deliberate color choice. Complementary Colors are those that are opposite each other on the color wheel (Red and Green, Yellow and Purple, Orange and Blue).  When used together, these combinations create a certain vibration or resonance within the image. For this challenge, make an image that employs this principle of color theory.

  • Complementary colors, please
  • 2d or 3D
  • Any surface, any medium
  • Drawing from direct observation preferred where possible.

One-week deadline: You have until May 24, so get drawing! Send your images to

Twin Lights, by Leslie Heffron
Doodling in Contrasts, by Cynthia Roth
Wild Columbine, by Helen Tory
Growth, by Joyce Roessler
Praying Mantis, by Linda Bourke
Storm Warning, by Jonathan Hively
Not My Favorite Colors Together, by Candace Stella
Abstract Construction, by Len Burgess
Red Umbrella, by Jane Hively
Complements, by Donna Caselden
Recon 5132, by Matt Cegelis
Looking at You, by Randolph Kelts
Red-Haired Girl Napping, by Claire Wyzenbeek
En Guard, by Kathleen G. Archer
Weavings, by Ken King
Old Friend, by Claire Wyzenbeek
Complements, by Kat Masella
Meadow, by Ken King
Lure, by Linda Bourke

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