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A Spot of Color — Art Challenge #10

Wow: We made it to 10 Challenges!

This week we tackle Isolated Color. Adding a second color to a monotone image creates immediate and often dramatic focus. Have fun using this simple visual strategy.

Simple rules:

  • Monotones except for that isolated color
  • 2D or 3D
  • Any surface, any medium
  • Drawing from direct observation preferred where possible.

Send your images to Include a title. Deadline is June 6.

Catch Me if You Can, by Ed Mowrey
Dinosaur Lookout, by Jonathan Hively
Annisquam Light, by Janice Brand
Sunset Sail, by Katherine Coakley
Ro, by Christine Bobek
Goldfinch in the Catmint, by Helen Tory
Robin’s Egg, by Jane Hively
Back Door, by Paul Trefry
One in Ten, by Linda Bourke
Man with Red Brush, by Paul Trefry
Falling Water, by Ken King
Envelope with Blue Tape, by Matt Cegelis
Mantis Swan Song, by Linda Bourke

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