Online Challenges

Vegetable—Art Challenge #12

Following last week’s Animal Challenge, this week it’s Vegetable’s turn. You did establish a theme for all your images, right (remember, next week it’s the trio’s conclusion with Mineral)? Yeah, I didn’t either. That shouldn’t stop you, though.

Simple rules:

  • Color or black & white
  • 2D or 3D
  • Any surface, any medium
  • Draw from direct observation preferred where possible.

Send your image to Send in a title or I’ll come up with one of my own! Deadline for Vegetable is June 21.

The Offering, by Ken King
Fennel, by Jean Fogle
Carrot Banquet, by Jonathan Hively
Peter Piper’s Peppers, by Jane Hively
Garden Sampler, by Claire Wyzenbeek
Animal + Vegetable: Cattle in a Grassy Pasture, by Bruce Shaw
A Fruit’s a Vegetable, Right?, by Helen Tory
Beets, by Ed Mowrey
Maize, by Matt Cegelis
Mock Meat, by Linda Bourke
Egyptian Onion 1, 2 and 3; by Martha Swanson
You’ll Be Missed, Asparagus; by Janice Brand

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