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Ingredients — Art Challenge #16

Some energetic souls here at Rocky Neck Art Colony are looking to put together a Colony cookbook. We’re gathering recipes, and we need art too. Focusing on ingredients is easier than, say, painting a salad, so take your favorites as inspiration—eggs, apples, walnuts, even broccoli, maybe a whole pie —and paint/draw/photograph at will.

Rules are simple:

  • Color or black & white
  • 2D or 3D
  • Any surface, any medium
  • Draw from direct observation preferred where possible.

Send your image to along with the title of the piece. Deadline for Ingredients is July 26 (extended — I’ll be away the 20th to the 23rd and won’t be able to post your pictures on those dates).

Gooseberries, by Christine Bobek
Olive Branch, by Christine Bobek
Pears by Katherine Coakley
Pears, by Dina Gomery
Eggs Not Broken, by Ken King
Cabbage, by Olga Hayes

Ripe, by Sandy Shaw
Greek Salad, by Claire Wyzenbeek
Farm Fresh, by Leslie Heffron
Four Pears, by Bruce Shaw

Apples, by Marny Williams

Corn and Ant, by Karen Watson

Pierre’s Table Oil, by Candace Stella
Italian Dinner at Farfa, by Joy Buell
Oysters, by Mary Hayes
Frilly Egg, by Helen Tory
Allium Sativum, by Matt Cegelis
Swiss Chard, by Ray Magnan
Pepino Melon and Grapes, by Linda Bourke

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