Online Challenges

Break with Tradition — Art Challenge #25

For this challenge, put aside your pencils and brushes. Make an image using a non-traditional drawing tool (stick, fork, your roommate’s toothbrush…). You can also use a non-traditional medium. Please identify your materials.

Otherwise, rules as usual:

  • Color or black & white
  • 2D or 3D
  • Truly any surface, any non traditional medium

Deadline is October 24. Send your image to Send title, but more important this week, identify your materials.

Tool used was the tube from a paper towel roll fluted on the end, by Ed Mowrey
Low Brow Hairbrows (what happens when you start trimming your hair), by Linda Bourke
Kitchen-Printed Crucifix with plastic bags and finger press, by Neta Goren
Doodling with Wire from Chinese Take-Out Containers, by Linda Bourke

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