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Art Share: What’s in Your Sketchbook

Rocky Neck Art Colony’s newest virtual exhibition is called: Up Close: Sketchbooks by Martha Swanson.

Martha (Marty) was RNAC’s Artistic Director for the past 8 years and we thought this would be a great way to honor all she’s done for Rocky Neck — and all the art directions she’s explored.

So…what’s in your sketchbook? Send submissions to, be sure to include a brief bit about what we’re looking at. And your name, of course.

From Judythe Evans Meagher

Ed. Note: Be sure to drop by Judythe’s studio on Rocky Neck this summer.

From Linda Bourke:

From Pamela Stratton:

This was a sketch for a mosaic honoring my ceramic pot that I purchased from Ruth Worrell. It is the inside of the vessel.

—Pamela Stratton

From Lynda Fatalo

These are drawings from my drawing-a-day 2020 (366 leap year!) series. 
The first group are drawings from the alphabet series. 
The second group are drawings from the number series (1-100).
I posted a drawing a day for the year on instagram @artonomous_art
I’m continuing posting a piece a day this year as well . — Lynda Fatalo

From Matt Cegelis

All the excitement about sketchbooks has motivated me to start a digital sketchbook, and Loren’s wonderful video has inspired me to begin a daily sketchbook practice.

Not a day without a line!

My “First Page” is attached. The fun has begun! My sketchbook medium is digital, using the painting tools in Adobe Photoshop 2021 – Matt Cegelis

From Neta Goren:

In Italy, 2019
Ruins in Brit-She’an, looking east towards the Jordan mountains, 2017
Umbria, Italy, 2019
The 3rd Lockdown, 2021 (all images by Neta Goren)

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