Online Challenges

Go Wide — Art Challenge #21

Someone mentioned football season starting? We can do that — here’s the challenge: think wide, think panoramic format. (Okay, not the easiest thing to take a picture of, but give it a whirl.)

Rules are simple:

  • Color or black & white
  • 2D or 3D
  • Any surface, any medium
  • Draw from direct observation preferred where possible

Deadline for this one is September 19; send to Send along a title or I’ll have to make one up.

The Headlands, by Matt Cegelis
After the Swim, by Karen Matthews
Stoney Cove, by Joyce Roessler
Rocks at Folly Cove, by Linda Bourke
Plum Island, by Linda Bourke
Summer of ’75, by Ken King
Elizabeth Bishop the Traveler, by Neta Goren

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