Online Challenges

Repetition — Art Challenge #22

Let us repeat: Repetition. Using repetition can produce a variety of effect, like movement or emphasis. It can trigger memory, create confusion or just result in an interesting composition. In this challenge use repetition repetition.

Rules are simple:

  • Color or black & white
  • 2D or 3D
  • Any surface, any medium
  • Draw from direct observation preferred where possible

Deadline for this one is September 26; send to Send along a title or I’ll have to make one up.

Repetitions, by Mary Rhinelander
Knot, by Matt Cegelis
Cherries, by Christine Bobek
Balancing Act, by Christine Bobek
I am Paisley, by Jean Fogle
Angel, Angel, by Linda Bourke
Music of the Spheres, by Ken King
She Sells Sea Shells, by Michele Champion
Reflections on the Multiverse, by Ray Magnan
Birds on a Wire a la Stuart Davis, by Janice Brand

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